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spring is here!

We all have spring fever here at our house. Two weeks ago Lauren came up in her shorts and Crocs. I had to send her downstairs to change explaining we can't wear shorts until the snow melts! Well, it is long gone and the days are warmer. Lauren and Chloe are hard at work soaping the vehicles. Cody isn't really a slave driver, they do enjoy washing cars! Their friend Jenna is helping them on the left. I thought about posting a picture of my hard work in the yard. There is currently a huge pile of branches and debris, it looks better, but I guess if you hadn't seen it before, you might not appreciate my efforts. We hope to have it looking better this year. It seems there is always something to improve when it comes to yards! We also built and started a compost bin, which I have wanted to do for several years. I hope we have the best dirt on the block! I have lilies poking several inches out of the ground and our apple tree has buds. I hope things don't get nipped by frost. Personally, I'm more than ready for 65 degree days!


We had Jean and Grace up this past weekend for a sleepover. We all had fun making cards, cookies, and playing at the park. The weather has been just beautiful, I'm praying it won't snow, I think I'll cry if it does! The souped up grocery bags were made in secret in an effort to scare Cody and I Saturday morning. I was feeding Noah and kept hearing these low growls coming from the hallway, it was a bit scary in my sleep deprived state I must admit! It's great to be close and be able to have them up every once in a while. It is hard to get away with everyone in school.


Only after marrying Cody did I realize March meant more than spring break and winter clearance sales. Here he is getting Noah hooked at a tender age to the NCAA tournament. But don't let Noah's expression fool you, the lights on the stereo and cable box still grab his attention. My two handsome men, I hope Cody and I are going to watch Noah play basketball someday, somewhere, that would be fun for both of us. For my sake I hope he avoids any sports involving tackling!

more teeth...

Noah and I were enjoying a great game of peek a boo with me behind the couch, but what really stands out in this happy picture is the ring of drool on his shirt. It reminds me of a funny-yet true-quote by Mark Twain. "Adam and Eve had many advantages, but the principal one was that they escaped teething." Not quite sure how that crossed his mind, but isn't it true?! Noah's eighth tooth just popped up this week and he has the drool to prove it! Every time Chloe or Lauren lose a tooth it seems Noah sprouts one in the same spot.

start your engines...

Whoever knew a tractor would be so much fun to see after 5 years of all things pink and girlish. I still do love girly, but it has been a nice change. These are rare pictures of Noah actually playing with toys. It seems the majority of his time awake is spent in the kitchen with me and boy, are there treasures in those cupboards. Just today it was batteries, tea bags, garbage bags, magnets, and who knew my stockpot made such an awesome drum. I'm glad we haven't invested too much money in toys just yet, because most days they sit neatly on his bookshelf!

Chloe's teeth, and all things magical

This is one of the last pictures of Chloe with her two front teeth, now her permanent ones are poking through. We have become regulars on the tooth fairy route, I guess I never imagined the task would be such a big one. Twice Cody and I have been aroused from sleep to be informed that the tooth fairy didn't come, oops! Cody amazingly "found" the coin on the floor, good save honey! Lauren and Chloe like to leave little notes, what color are your wings tooth fairy? What color is your wand? It's fun to play along. I'm still waiting for that day when Santa and all these fun characters get exposed for who they truly are. Until then, more teeth to collect!

Lauren's heads

Well, the first post. It seems our home is being taken over by 6 year old artwork. I'm amazed at the amount of papers Lauren and Chloe bring home from school. I must admit, most of the worksheets I look at, compliment them and to the trash they go. But, look at these original 'heads' Lauren drew, how can I not save these? So, downstairs are a few boxes, folders, and piles of their best and most creative ideas. Someday we may have to downsize, but now they want to save nearly everything!

words we love...

"The most important thing in life is to learn how to give out love and to let it come in."

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