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Here we are, still getting pets. This little kitty, Pipsy, has a crazy story, as it seems all our furry friends do. Grandma brought her from an older lady in town who is recovering from surgery and wasn't able to care for her. After dropping her off, she promptly ran away and we didn't see her for about a week.

But surprising us all she returned and has claimed the huge tree in the backyard as her post. She was quite skittish and shy, but is now very friendly and playful. Noah affectionately calls her "my pet kitty." He loves that he can pick her up and she tolerates his small hands partially holding and squeezing the life out of her :) He's had some cats scratch him and a couple dogs nip him, so a gentle animal is just what he needs. She was previously an indoor cat and runs inside our home quite frequently. And of course, you know I'm getting badgered about just making her an indoor kitty again. My only (valid) excuse is that we are renting, and no landlords appreciate pets tearing things apart right?! I'll just do some shopping for a nice little heat pad for what I'm thinking might be a long winter ahead. Love you little Pips!

better than Christmas...

I really should have slowed down in the unpacking of the toy boxes. Every time we crack one open, it's instant fun for a little while at least. I finally cleared out three huge boxes of games and toys from the girls loft, hooray. It looks much cleaner.

Lauren and Chloe have started declaring random days, "Noah Day" "Ivy Day" or my personal fave "Mom Day." This means extra helping, kind words and deeds to make that person feel special. Today it was Noah's turn. I always thought puppet theaters were the coolest toys ever. I think I wanted it more than they did, but it got some good use this afternoon. Tell me Noah does not looked totally captivated by the saga of the fireman and the frog! What a good sport, he even gave up the good chairs to Zilly and Gumdrop.

It was fun to see the four of them playing so well together. I needed that mental image to buoy me up as we went to get potatoes, the park, and the grocery store later today. We (I) couldn't handle the library after the three previous stops. I think they will all gradually adjust. I have been hearing a lot of comments along the lines of "why does it take so long to get somewhere?" The short answer to that lies in the fact that we are so far from anywhere! Our family spoke last week in church and I joked that the only thing here was good people- it's true in all regards!

baby love...

I made soup today for the first time in a long while, it feels good to wake up to a fall chill in the air and brew some tea. Last week was the first football game of Cody's season, they did well, hung in there until the last quarter or so. I feel badly I know so little about football, maybe I'd enjoy it more. I think I needed to play it to really understand it, too late for that.

But I think I do have another new hobby which I find far more stimulating than football- quilting. I am a novice in every sense of the word, I think I actually prefer the simpler patterns even. I've been itching to make something with vintage bed linens for a long while now. Just had other things on my plate- moving, school starting, music lessons...but it is amazing what you can accomplish when you can't run out every other morning and "run errands." (I think that was actually a cover for "shopping!") I finished binding this sweet little baby quilt today. I think I may have to do a twin sized one with a sham when Ivy moves to a real bed. I'm most excited that its possible and completely doable to free motion quilt on the machine and get that timeless crinkley look that I love so much. It was fun to do and I'm afraid I might be addicted, but there could be worse addictions right?! Fabric has always been a weak point in general. I've got some fleece Christmas projects in the works too. So when the day is done you just may find me in the basement sewing with the spiders :) Happy weekend- ours starts tomorrow. I'm adjusting REALLY quickly to no school on Fridays!

Opinions? Do you think it needs more color? Solid strips of fabric between all the squares? It was mostly a trial run, so I wasn't too particular about what patterns went where.

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"The most important thing in life is to learn how to give out love and to let it come in."

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