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O.K. Carrie, I don't usually do these sort of posts, but it was fun once I got started. But as a fair warning to all readers, it is long and could be potentially boring, but hopefully not...100 random things about me.

  1. I was a strawberry blonde as a little girl, progressively becoming darker in my 30 years.
  2. I went barefoot as a kid all summer, I can’t do it anymore.
  3. I love summertime for the fresh fruit, cherries, peaches, apricots, I’m drooling!
  4. My favorite color has always been green- all shades.
  5. I’d love to live in a climate where I could wear jeans, T-shirts, and thongs year round.
  6. I never can call them “flip-flops”- I grew up with thongs.
  7. I go to bed and think about what my dream flower and herb garden would look like.
  8. I feel so much better going to bed early, but I have a hard time not getting wrapped up in a project and staying up too late.
  9. I love to sew, seeing a piece of fabric turn into something useful and beautiful.
  10. I still shop at yard sales and thrift stores, hoping for a bargain, too many college years.
  11. I would love to live near the beach.
  12. I dislike science fiction in the form of books and movies, never been interested.
  13. In second grade I thought I would be an inventor when I grew up.
  14. I love a good game of HORSE or kickball.
  15. I love a good soup and crusty bread on a fall day.
  16. Rachmaninoff’s Piano Concerto No. 2 makes me cry every time.
  17. I love Claude Monet
  18. I too drive a van and would much prefer a car.
  19. I have a personality flaw that when I watch movies I promptly forget nearly everything and seeing it again is like the first time.
  20. I wanted to attend to U of I in high school because I feel in love with the ivy-covered buildings.
  21. My favorite job was as a paid accompanist doing recitals for vocalists.
  22. I have three siblings whom I love and appreciate dearly.
  23. I broke my toe kicking a ball with Lauren when she was three.
  24. I’m picky about eating out, sometimes I’d rather just eat at home.
  25. I sunburn easily and rarely tan.
  26. I’ve worn glasses since I was nine, some more attractive than others.
  27. A boy on my bus used to call me giraffe legs whenever I’d get off at my stop.
  28. I like my home neat and tidy, but have given up on certain areas, it’s not worth losing my sanity.
  29. I would like to take a pottery class.
  30. I go grocery shopping late just so I can go by myself.
  31. I’m not really an animal lover, more of an animal tolerater, sounds so heartless!
  32. I re-use plastic bags and silverware.
  33. My feet are always cold at night, spring, summer, winter or fall.
  34. On our first date, all I could think about Cody was that we had nothing in common.
  35. We are polar opposites in a lot of ways, but share a lot of the same hopes, ideas and dreams, that makes all the difference.
  36. I’m not a big jewelry wearer, I only wear my wedding ring when I leave the house.
  37. My fingernails have only been long once in my life, never had a manicure.
  38. My first date was with a German exchange student- Bjorn.
  39. I played volleyball for three years, basketball for one, and track for one. Organized high school sports were fun, but eventually drove me crazy.
  40. I love to spend the evening with a good book and maybe some licorice.
  41. I had braces for three years and have two teeth implants.
  42. I graduated college with a 3.9 GPA and now wish I’d taken time to have more fun.
  43. I am a terrible artist, my animals all look exactly the same. Cody draws for the kids.
  44. I was a vegan/vegetarian for five years throughout college. Still can’t believe I didn’t eat salmon in Alaska.
  45. I never liked being in plays or doing charade type games, I don’t like all the attention on me.
  46. I try hard to make whole grain dishes and buy good snacks for my kids. I think it makes a difference.
  47. I love fall, the chill in the air, getting cozy inside, and pulling out the worn jeans.
  48. I expect things to last an unreasonable amount of time- computers, batteries- I get cranky when they just wear out.
  49. I used to scrap book, I think I still like to, just found other fun hobbies.
  50. I’m a lucky MOM ( mom of multiples). We used to belong to a group. Ever picked strawberries with 8 sets of twins? Fun times.
  51. Adored Moscow Idaho, loved how I could walk everywhere and the diversity.
  52. I like to exercise, but I don’t make the time, think I could maybe be a runner, but I’m still a walker.
  53. I hate moths, they are just creepy and unpredictable.
  54. I love flower gardens, vegetable gardens, hands in the dirt, something about it.
  55. I’ve never had lots of close girlfriends, my Mom’s always been my favorite gal to be with.
  56. Never had too many boyfriends either, a little shy, not a good flirt, not very forward.
  57. Like my Dad, it doesn’t bother me to be alone, I appreciate time to myself.
  58. I want to take better pictures, maybe I need a better camera, I’m positive it’s not operator error!
  59. I never knew a little boy could be so so sweet and lovable, my little Noah.
  60. Journal writing has always been a sort of therapy for me, I go through spurts of regularity.
  61. I wish I were a better scripture studier, I’m constantly recommitting.
  62. I can’t imagine my life without good music, listening and playing. It’s given me comfort, satisfaction, and a voice for my emotions over and over.
  63. I hope to serve a mission with Cody someday.
  64. I’m awful at balancing my checkbook, the only consistency is that I’m always off. Cody’s our money man.
  65. I believe in a good breakfast.
  66. I always wanted long, thick beautiful hair, it just wasn’t in the cards.
  67. Dissecting various animals was the worst part of any of my high school classes.
  68. My fingertips and cuticles crack every winter and cause me much pain and annoyance.
  69. I like to bake breads, rolls, cookies, yummy things that make my house smell nice.
  70. I graduated high school in a class of 25 with a 3.9 GPA, seventh in the class, what a bunch of overachievers.
  71. My Dad taught me drive in a field in the ole Chevy. I was always proud I could drive a stick shift.
  72. In second grade I was Turkey Lurkey in the play “Chicken Little.” Lauren has the same part in her first grade play.
  73. I would rather spend $80 on one pair of shoes than get 4-5 cheap pairs.
  74. I love the feeling you get singing in a huge and good choir, exhilarating.
  75. I’ve never read Harry Potter or seen Star Wars, *covering my face with shame!*
  76. I crave good salads with all the works.
  77. I’ve never done a (real bonafide) cartwheel and was never good at all those gymnastics-type activities.
  78. I still remember jump rope rhymes and songs from first grade much to L & C’s delight.
  79. I don’t completely understand football, can’t it watch on TV, only live, since there’s plenty of people and other things to watch.
  80. Will be one of those silver-haired ladies with season tickets to the symphony.
  81. I believe in reading to kids, so very important.
  82. I buy cheap shampoo and styling products but splurge on good conditioner.
  83. I had two poems published in a national anthology in high school.
  84. I steered Cody to our back door to avoid the bright front porch lights and peeping Toms so he could give me our first kiss. Just trying to help a guy out.
  85. I despise those cheesy school portraits, but still feel a bit guilty when I don’t buy them.
  86. Never tire of seeing The Sound of Music and The Count of Monte Cristo.
  87. I believe Crocs were the best invention ever for kids’ shoes, totally washable.
  88. I’ve killed lots of houseplants, but I do like them and have a few long-lifers.
  89. I love living 5 minutes from the temple.
  90. I can’t wait to sit down and chat with both my grandmothers who have passed away.
  91. I can’t seem to wear a pair of nylons more than twice without getting a run.
  92. Always been proud to say I grew up on a farm, grain that is.
  93. I find myself becoming more and more like my Mom, and I think that’s a great thing!
  94. My favorite Halloween costume was some three-legged pants Mom made.
  95. The church calling I liked the most when Cody and I headed the activities committee in our student ward.
  96. I can’t fall asleep if music is playing, I need it dark and quiet.
  97. Cody used to sit by me in seminary when I played the piano, he asked me to our first dance on that bench.
  98. I loved my elementary music classes in college, I’d still like to teach young kids music someday.
  99. I would like to learn to build furniture, and in the right cases there’s nothing a can of spray paint can’t fix.
  100. I like to sit cross-legged on the floor rather than at a table to work.
Wow, ya'll still awake?

finally back...

My apologies faithful readers, whomever you are, I've been a lazy blogger. Not that life suddenly became boring, just haven't been motivated to actually write about it. Cody had two Saturdays off in a row-yes, a small miracle- and we've really been enjoying our time together as a family. We went to Reed's Dairy today and had ice cream. Noah didn't know what to think when I was telling him milk and "i ceem" came from cows. Wish I could have read his thoughts. Or maybe Lauren voiced them perfectly for him. "Dad, what's that crusty stuff all over the cow?" Yeah, it's good we ate first, hard to believe such yummies come from such yuckiness. Good for kids to see that sometimes though!

It feels like I've uttered the phrase "What WERE you thinking?" -way too much lately. Lauren glued a paper bag onto her door for a mailbox, Chloe wrote Lauren's name on the carpet with marker, and the biggest puzzler- Chloe sticking some chewed gum under her dress near the shoulder. Which yes, I washed the dress the discovered it. Why? Who knows, I guess all the garbages at church were full. Many thanks to the teacher who gave them gum. My sweet seven year olds have been more mischievous than my two year old. Maybe they didn't sow even wild oats in their younger days, or maybe I've just forgotten their past antics. I'm just trying to figure out what's going through their minds, I'm guessing not too much. Anyway, hopefully we're returning to silly things like putting clean clothes in the hamper and messiness under the beds.

I've also been a slacker taking pictures, but I'm recommitting myself. I have been sewing, cooking, and reading a lot. Visiting sisters a lot, meetings, yard work-cursing those maple trees. Praying for rain this week, not snow, spring is for rain right? Well, bloglings, have a fantastic week. I won't be such a stranger...

snow and burgers...

Well, we here at the Hansen's are still plugging through the daily routine. It seems like nothing too new has been happening. Cody had yesterday off and we decided to have the first BBQ of the season, not sure which season that would be, maybe winter. Monday was just beautiful. I got motivated and went to Home Depot and picked up 60 feet of edging to edge the front and north flower beds. It took me most of the afternoon, but I am so pleased with the result. Now it just needs some big plants and flowers. Anyway...can't post any pictures of it since it's covered with snow. After finishing our delish grilled burgers and veggies it started snowing. If you're craving something different, give this a try, mmm, it was so so good. I think this summer I may have to experiment making my own burgers, since we buy a lot of gardenburgers, can't be that hard right? Lauren and Chloe were freaking out about the snow and we kept reassuring them it wouldn't accumulate or last. Well, this morning it's still here. Unbelievable, you would think I'd lived in Idaho long enough to not be surprised, but this has been THE longest winter ever. That one day of spring was really enjoyable :) Anyway, I couldn't fall asleep last night just thinking about what I wanted to plant and where to plant it, so I haven't given up on that warm weather. Trying to console L & C, I said that one day in July they would give anything for some snow and a cool day! Hard to believe today... Have a happy Wednesday!

open 24 hours...

Luscious Lemon is officially open for business! Check out Etsy, it
s a cool place. Buy handmade! Happy shopping

random and unrelated...

Poor, poor Boozer, he can't help that his two best mates are gals, Lauren and Chloe. But we did have fun getting a picture of his hat. He makes a pretty good Madeline wouldn't you say?

Are you a details person? Why does the peacock's head face right? Take this little logo quiz and see how you fare, kinda fun. (You might surprise yourself, I did!)


Ah, you know spring has arrived when the bikes come out and Conference weekend arrives. In the case of this year, the bikes were pulled out of the snow. And wow, had L & C grown since the last ride in fall of last year. New bikes were definitely in order. My thinking is that until kids learn to ride without crashing every other time, thrift store bikes are your best friend. Since the girls are great riders now we got them nice, new bikes. I felt a little bad, just because it was the first bike they've had with a kickstand. Yeah, those other bikes were in rough shape. Maybe another learner can grab them from DI and crash them a few more times :) Back are the days of chasing around the block. I have two perfect little tricycles from the good ole days, I just couldn't bear to part with them, I really wasn't thinking twin girls again! They are a bit on the girly side, but Noah couldn't have cared less. It's now "my bike," he didn't even let the princess bell on it scare him away, that's my boy. So until he cares, maybe I can get away with it.
I especially enjoyed conference weekend. I almost hate to say that it's nice to have a break from church, but, let's be honest, it's nice to have a break from rushing out the door and calling responsibilities. Plus, so many talks resonated with me. Here are a few pictures. The kids were enjoying a tea party in the other room so we cranked up the volume and they insisted they were listening. I printed some activities that seemed to really keep them involved. I appreciate whoever put those packets together.
Well, here's to a new week, feeling uplifted and refreshed!

The Miniature Earth

This video has probably circulated around quite a bit, but it was the first time I'd seen it. How is it my perspective gets so narrow? Sometimes I'm just amazed that we all share the same planet and are so disconnected with one another. Anyway, I'm feeling a lot of gratitude and a little bit of sorrow for all those good people who don't enjoy all that I do. Wow, the little troubles seem much littler today, hope you enjoy...

words we love...

"The most important thing in life is to learn how to give out love and to let it come in."

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