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preferably a small bird, bonus if blue. Springtime birdhouses made by third graders (and a few parents operating the power tools.) Hope we picked a good spot and they will have occupants soon, especially since they have to report back to the class. We're all glad the snow is melting, enjoying bike riding, rollerblading, and running outside. Looking forward to a long spring break/Conference weekend hanging out together dying and hunting for eggs and celebrating spring!

size 7?

Cute shoes huh? I was in Idaho Falls a couple weekends ago, by myself, doing some shopping, but mostly doing some painting and cleaning. Anyway, my daughters alarmingly fast growing feet brought me to Payless to find new gym and church shoes. I couldn't believe it when the saleslady told me a size 5 in kids is the equivalent of a 7 in women's sizes! I ended up in the women's since the selection was so much better. I was CERTAIN none of the four pairs would acutally fit, but three out of four isn't too bad, we'll exchange the fourth this week. Where has the time gone? How did I wake up with two girls wearing just a few sizes smaller than me?! On the flip side, it's incredibly fun to plan the first day of spring break going shopping and spending the day with them. So blessed to have these two lovely ladies in our family!


Yesterday morning over waffles Chloe lamented that every day in her life is the same. "I get up, eat, go to school, come home, watch TV, read, eat, go to bed." There is some variance to that routine, an occasional activity, music lesson, or play date. I had to laugh and sympathize with her woeful state though. It sounded a bit like my college routine, only piano practice could be substituted for TV. I feel like that sometimes, for all the good things that life has to offer, it does get a bit predictable sometimes. Maybe I shouldn't even put that into writing, I don't need my life shaken up. :) Here's a little picture catch up...

Much wishing for summer time, everyone, desperately.

Much listening to these books on CD by Lauren and Chloe, all Sunday afternoon.
Much reading of this story, one both Cody and I liked growing up.
Much wiping off, sweeping up, and stepping in the beauty that is spring.
Much teaching of piano lessons.
WAY too much playing of this game, Noah's absolute favorite.
Much tastiness, and cleaning up after the yummy snacks.
Much lounging in a sunny rocker reading board books.
Much playing of this battered guitar, don't mind the missing string. Much drooling while browsing online for a new guitar.

And lastly, where did March go?

I see a bad moon risin'

Last night at 8 I headed out for a run. The first time I went running at night I wasn't so sure I liked it, but now I enjoy the quiet dark stillness. That being said, it was much too dark for me last night and I was puzzled thinking that the last time I was out it had been almost a full moon, had I missed it? I kept running, looking for the road where I would turn around and was almost ready to just head back into town when the moon began to slowly rise over the mountain in the distance. I didn't take this photo, but it looked similar, all huge and orange. A truly beautiful moon. As it cast a soft light onto the snow covered fields I saw the road then turned around to go home thinking how fortunate I am to live in a place where I can run down a paved road at night, all alone, miles out of town and feel completely comfortable. No traffic, no people, just a few horses. To know I had a safe, warm home and family to return to made me whisper a little prayer, gratitude for myself and a blessing for those who are missing those things in life right now. So very blessed.


Only one post in February, sorry to my many loyal readers :) Not because life as we know it has not been full, I just haven't felt like blogging. I admit it, sometimes I really like this venue and other times, I need a break. But we're back and it's March, the snow is melting and as Noah pointed out the birds are singing so it must be springtime.

Noah always takes such good care of Ivy, here she is with every baby doll we own piled on top of her, not minding a bit. We've had a few days where one of us has been sick, but nothing too bad, just enough to stay home from school though!

We all officially welcomed home Cody last weekend. He finished his basketball season, not as well as he and his girls had hoped at the state tournament, but they had an outstanding season. Sunday morning Lauren and Chloe had made breakfast (very peppery eggs:) for all of us to enjoy and a banner. While he loves coaching, we all love seeing him more.

Lauren and Chloe finished up their basketball season as well. I think they have a better understanding of the game. I do have mixed feelings on little league for 3-4 graders. The not so uptight part of me thinks it's great for social skills and learning the game. However, since the refs cannot possibly call every little foul and violation I have to wonder if it promotes uneccessary roughness and bad habits (or is that football?) Either way, they had fun which is all that really matters know anyway.

Spring where are you?? There is still so much snow here, I'd forgotten how it never melts until May. I know the pile beneath the kitchen window under the pine tree will be there many more months. Aah, Idaho.

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"The most important thing in life is to learn how to give out love and to let it come in."

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