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the burning question...

Chloe: "Mom, if you had seven children, would you cut off your legs if that was the only way you could be with them?"

Me: "Um, I guess, I do appreciate my legs quite a bit though."

Chloe: "I would cut off my legs so I could be with you."

I think I'll take that as a compliment, I think this childhood favorite of mine prompted this random and somewhat grotesque conversation. I take back my hesitation, Chloe never hesitated. I'd do ANYTHING for you Chloe!

turning 9...

As we speak, I'm hosting my first ever sleep-over! I must say, it has been much easier than any birthday party. We kept it pretty low-key and unstructured, they each just invited one friend, so maybe it doesn't even qualify?!

Check out the glasses. Are those really MY daughters? I remember Lauren looking in San Diego at some reading glasses she wanted, she must have been only 4 at the time, so when she spotted these at Claire's last month I knew that would be a big hit. Craziness to me, I've had glasses and contacts for 25 years, who in their right mind would wear them for fun? This year they wanted cakes to match the pajamas I made, which turned out to be easy- for once. They even tasted decent this year, there are firsts for everything I suppose. It's fun seeing them grow up and experience all the fun girly things that are coming their way. The four of them are watching Annie on the couch with popcorn now. Cody's enjoying their rendition of Tomorrow I'm positive. :)

I have to take the chance to say how much I love these two. There were days that I wondered if I was really cut out to be a mom, they've grown with me and been great sports along the way. I appreciate their helpfulness and humor. It's truly a pleasure when you enjoy hanging out with your children. I love you Lauren and Chloe!

the year of the real dead tree...

On one of those crazy de-junking days in mid-July our took our artificial tree to D.I. sure that it would be replaced with something taller, fuller, and pre-lit. I didn't think twice about it. I bought it when we were in college and it's seen us through quite a few seasons. Somehow up to this point, Christmas trees have not made any of my lists, priorities or shopping.

But somehow it is already December 8! I managed to find all the decor, only half of which actually found a spot in our small home. But the girls have been relentlessly bugging us about a tree. Personally this year, I could have managed o.k. without one, well, maybe not, but we do have a one year old residing with us. That didn't excite me too much. Last night Cody found one and brought it home. Today while assembling the stand and putting in up I told Noah we have a real tree this year, but he insisted it was not real, but instead dead. Wise. I guess he's right and the thought of chopping one down every year just seems silly when you can have a perfectly good fake one.

I found it impossible to string the lights or bead garland on in any graceful or organized manner, the branches poked out or were missing entirely in all the wrong places. I then surrendered to the inevitable. The kids loved it. Once I got the lights on I just let them have free reign to put whatever wherever, which isn't my style at all. I don't need a designer tree, but I have been known to hide away a few of the school made ornaments (shame-but tell me you haven't wanted to also!) (See the lovely bead wreath.) I usually rearrange some of the "ornament clumps", but nah, not this year. It's going au naturel in all of it's clumpy glory. It was a decent enough tree, there are a few spots that look as if a large animal took a bite, but it's tall and thin and fits the little space it was alloted in our living room. Sometimes it's refreshing to just let things be, perfectly imperfect. Hey, it's only a month right? And it does smell terrific!

jammin in our jammies

On my birthday I had the pleasure of attending the 1st-4th grade music concert, Jammin in our Jammies. Everyone wore their pajamas and we enjoyed rousing renditions of many favorite Christmas tunes. Good thing I took two pictures to prove I was actually there. I spent nearly the entire concert chasing Ivy around in the hallway. Ah, what a happy day it will be when we can all go somewhere and sit and listen- whether it be church, the movies, or concerts.

Lauren and Chloe's class started the instruments last year, so they had some catching up to do. I think they did alright, but honestly it's hard to tell, maybe that's good! :)


Turning 32 today I had the sweet realization that I've known Cody for over half of those years. Wow, I'm really old :) It's incredible to me how time and so many shared experiences can endear you to someone, how you become like each other in some ways, and yet still appreciate your differences.

Comfort is lying on the bed eating chocolate, kids asleep, house quiet, talking about our days. What made us laugh, what was frustrating, what hilarious things the kids said, future plans...the perfect ending to my day. Love you Cody!

words we love...

"The most important thing in life is to learn how to give out love and to let it come in."

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