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good things on a Tuesday...

-Watching Ivy share Cody's trail mix. You don't want to share your mix with her, all she can eat are the raisins and M & M's. :)

-Talking to my sister on the phone, if only she could move to Bancroft!

-Not hearing the heat kick on once today, beautiful spring weather!

-Coming in from outside and smelling bread baking in the kitchen.

-Having my piano tuned, hooray for rich lovely tones.

-Seeing Lauren's huge smile and her winning safety poster from school.

-Cuddling on the couch with Chloe before bedtime.

-Seeing Noah run back and forth, back and forth, panting, "Mom, am I fast as a superhero?" Faster Noah, much faster.

-Knowing that my couch full of laundry means my home is full of people I love!


At least it's all clean, if only there was a trio of machines that washed, dried, folded and put away laundry. Lauren and Chloe's is always the biggest task, partly due to my procrastination but mostly due to their habit of throwing ALL clothing in the hamper, dirty and clean. Hope there's something good on TV tonight!


What's for dinner Mom? Strawberries, whipped cream, and waffles. What's for lunch Mom? Chocolate dipped strawberries! I love it when flats or boxes of fruit come available! We've been enjoying all of the above, and putting some in the freezer as jam and topping for later. One day last week I was making jam and watching it snow outside my kitchen window, that was a definite first. Can't say I've ever made jam while a snowstorm raged outside.

What's a boy to do when his Mom is up to her elbows in sticky goodness for the majority of the morning? Build a super cool apartment complex for his horses. I was instructed that NO pictures were to be taken or the horse Midnight would be very angry, it was a private building. But I managed to sneak one in, he doesn't look too upset. :) Yummy, yummy spring!

spring dresses...

Every time I pass the beautiful brocades at the fabric store I have to walk over and run my hands across them and admire their gorgeous colors. Lauren and Chloe picked out their favorites and I made them Easter dresses. The prints were elegant and the pattern simple. We picked out the cherry blossoms for Ivy. So glad to have three beautiful ladies to sew for!

Feeling crafty? Try out this cool tutorial for the flowers. Thanks Cheryl!

left, right, left, right, middle?

Today was Grandparents Day at school, and while I have no grand kids to enjoy yet the girls had been talking about this clown dance/song routine the class has been working on for a few weeks. So I had to sneak in the back and record the fun for future viewing pleasure/embarrassment. Several weeks ago they told me they needed some clown attire and I immediately thought of a couple pairs of my old jeans waiting downstairs to be made into a quilt or something equally cool- three-legged pants. When I was in sixth grade my Mom constructed some for me and a friend out of my Dad's old Levi's. They were fantastic! We wore them as a Halloween costume to school, perfect, we were literally joined at the hip. Memories of tripping in the road while trick or treating, HAVING to sit right by each other at a special table during school (how did the teacher allow that?) Shay- I know you're having some memories all of your own as well :)

Anyway, those pants have since been retired, but I figured this new generation needed a pair to enjoy for a few years to come. They come in handy for all kinds of situations, and perfect for twins! Lauren and Chloe love these events, what a cute group of gals!


A few pictures from Easter weekend. We woke up to 30 mph winds and snow on Saturday so the community egg hunts were at the school, more of an egg race, since there was no hiding eggs in a gymnasium. Spring in Idaho drives me crazy, just warm up already!!!!

We enjoyed Conference, dying eggs, eating chocolate, and a yummy dinner with family. Hope everyone had a great Easter!

words we love...

"The most important thing in life is to learn how to give out love and to let it come in."

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