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thankful for...

It's the simple things right? Thanksgiving is next week, gasp, can't believe that! In honor of all things yummy and decadent I'm sharing a couple of my favorites with you. I came across ZOI yogurt at Winco and honey is definitely my flavor of choice. Last night while chatting with Cody about the first win of the season I was sneaking spoonfuls. I felt a little better about eating an entire one when I was running this summer. Somehow yoga doesn't leave me as famished. It is not a low fat low calorie splurge, but oh so worth it! Print this out and go shopping!

I'm also very glad for this food blog. I have to be honest in saying that nearly everything I've made from their recipe archive has been well received by big and little kids alike. (The chipotle burgers were a bit spicy, if that complaint even counts?)They have fantastic photos and tutorials. I read they are publishing a cookbook next year also. I'm making their white chocolate pumpkin cheesecake with pecan gingersnap crust for my Mom's birthday this weekend. How can something with a title like that not be divine, trust me it is. Perfect for Thanksgiving dinner. Mmm, happy feasting! I can't wait to have some time with family and be grateful for my blessed life!

Sweet Ivy

Ivy girl, how sweet and spicy you are. I can hardly believe that two years ago I was thinking we were about to welcome a little boy into our family. Maybe it comes with being the youngest of four, but you are never one to miss out on any of the action. If everyone else has a straw with their drink, no way are you having a sippy cup. Wherever your siblings are up to you want to be a part of it and make sure we know if you're unhappy about it! I love how you drag a step stool into our room at night and climb into our bed, so sly. I love how you tell me goodnight, love you- "night, uv you." I sometimes love how you insist on 'helping' me, putting clothes into the dryer, cleaning up toys, and cooking, mostly eating though. Happy two years little lamb! We're celebrating on Sunday when everyone can join us, appropriate since that is Great grandma Robenia's birthday. Pictures coming soon :)

new lease on life?

When putting away summer clothes and pulling out sweaters this week I found an oldish cardigan and shell set that I've had for a very long time. I guess I'm sentimental about it since I still have it but rarely wear it. My Mom bought it for me during a visit to Moscow when L & C were babies. While internet window shopping (because that's the only kind I do these days :) I saw the pink cardigan at DownEast. Every time I see all those embellished tees and sweaters I think that would be so easy to do and much cheaper. I cut up the shell and sewed the pleated strips onto the cardigan. So....be honest.....would you wear this in public?? It turned out a little more "ruffly" than I wanted. When I showed Cody he voted two thumbs down- too puffy in front. What do you think?

my Thursday...

Well friends, here's to another day! Which of the following did NOT happen to me today? Any guesses?

-One blanket, two washcloths and a handful of pretzels were thrown in the bathtub whiled I showered. Thanks Ivy.

-Had the pleasure of renewing my driver's license which I discovered last week had expired in December of 2009 not 2010!

-Realized I gave the wrong street address to the lady after receiving above license, didn't care and was too embarrassed to go back and beg for a new one. (I am so used to using a P.O. box now!)

-Lauren told me she had the "worst day ever." I've heard that before, but then she told me she was sent to the principal's office for BITING the senior boy who is an aide in their class. (Rough housing gone bad. Lauren, the teacher, and the boy are equally at fault.)

-Spent two hours de-seeding (is that a word) 30 pomegranates. My family wasn't eating them so I had to take action before they rotted.

-Did yoga for an hour this morning.

-Killed 6 spiders in our house today.

a boy and his cat

What kind of cat lets you spoon with it?! Pipsy and Noah were curled up tonight when I came in to turn on his nightlight. Can you feel the serious cat love here, or hear the loud purring?

a spooktacular weekend!

I used to like blogging, and maybe I've had a long enough break that I'm ready to return. Halloween was enjoyed by everyone, with the exception of Ivy. She didn't want to dress up as anything, but did help pass out candy to trick or treaters. I love Spiderman's chocolate brown eyes, he's such a sweet boy. Lauren wanted to be a ninja and Chloe was Miss Piggy. The night before we hosted a festive dinner for some friends. We served mummy dogs, candy corn pizza, and bones and blood, it was fun, crazy and loud, but fun. We carved 7 pumpkins, I'm addicted to drilling them now, it's easy and the design possibilities are endless. No pictures there, I realized my picture taking has been lacking, terribly. I must do better, the days are zooming by and my little ones are getting older every day. Happy Halloween!

more summer afternoons...

More parades, horse 4-H, and Yellowstone!

words we love...

"The most important thing in life is to learn how to give out love and to let it come in."

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