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Sweet Ivy

Ivy girl, how sweet and spicy you are. I can hardly believe that two years ago I was thinking we were about to welcome a little boy into our family. Maybe it comes with being the youngest of four, but you are never one to miss out on any of the action. If everyone else has a straw with their drink, no way are you having a sippy cup. Wherever your siblings are up to you want to be a part of it and make sure we know if you're unhappy about it! I love how you drag a step stool into our room at night and climb into our bed, so sly. I love how you tell me goodnight, love you- "night, uv you." I sometimes love how you insist on 'helping' me, putting clothes into the dryer, cleaning up toys, and cooking, mostly eating though. Happy two years little lamb! We're celebrating on Sunday when everyone can join us, appropriate since that is Great grandma Robenia's birthday. Pictures coming soon :)


Kristy November 15, 2010 at 2:34 PM  

Ivy is so darling! And I would totally wear that sweater in public-you did a great job! I love it when you post things you sew, very inspiring! I hope you're having a great fall.

Anonymous November 17, 2010 at 6:02 PM  

I have such a soft spot for you, dear Ivy! Maybe some of it is we share the 12/21 November birthday concept, or maybe it's because you are named after my dearest grandma in the world, or MAYBE it's just because you are your own sweet self!! =) Yup, that's it!!!!!!!!
Grandma Y

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