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It's the simple things right? Thanksgiving is next week, gasp, can't believe that! In honor of all things yummy and decadent I'm sharing a couple of my favorites with you. I came across ZOI yogurt at Winco and honey is definitely my flavor of choice. Last night while chatting with Cody about the first win of the season I was sneaking spoonfuls. I felt a little better about eating an entire one when I was running this summer. Somehow yoga doesn't leave me as famished. It is not a low fat low calorie splurge, but oh so worth it! Print this out and go shopping!

I'm also very glad for this food blog. I have to be honest in saying that nearly everything I've made from their recipe archive has been well received by big and little kids alike. (The chipotle burgers were a bit spicy, if that complaint even counts?)They have fantastic photos and tutorials. I read they are publishing a cookbook next year also. I'm making their white chocolate pumpkin cheesecake with pecan gingersnap crust for my Mom's birthday this weekend. How can something with a title like that not be divine, trust me it is. Perfect for Thanksgiving dinner. Mmm, happy feasting! I can't wait to have some time with family and be grateful for my blessed life!


Anonymous May 10, 2011 at 8:52 PM  

Would you believe I'm just viewing this and printing out the coupon?!!! Thanks!!

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